Physical Distribution

Our Principals value us for our unique style of service – able to be flexible, personalized and efficient.

We fully understand that sales and marketing are dynamic, and many a times, innovative programs require out-of-norm support from logistics provider. Hence, apart from providing efficient warehousing and order fulfillment service in audited facilities with the required quality management system, we listen to Principals, understand their needs, and device workable solutions to support their activities.

We also understand that supply-chain face challenges from time to time. Shortage of raw materials, resulting the delay in supply of finished product, cargo off-load by airlines and customers requiring extremely urgent supplies are examples such challenges. As logistics partner to our Principals, our dedicated team always react actively to provide solutions when faced with time-crucial situations.

We complete our scope of service with a web-based reporting program to provide Principals with updated sales and inventory reports that can be accessed regardless of geographical location.